Introducing iPad on a FaceTM

Handmade, free-range, organic telepresence

Intuitive gestures. Real presence. Real person.

Why spend three grand on a mass manufactured telepresence robot? Locally grown artisianal telepresence solution iPad On A FaceTM brings telepresence doubling to you!

Represent your physical presence, as if a real person was there. Because there is. It's just not you. All you need is the award-winning, handcrafted holsterHatTM, an iPad, and any random person on location (not included).

Only $29.99** with shipping and handling! That's 10000%! cheaper than other telepresence solutions!

**figure does not include cost of human labor, although lab tests prove you can probably source any rando off the street to be your human representative. iPad on a Face may be more expensive in jursidictions that do not allow unpaid or child labor.

Works with

  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2
  • iPad (3)
  • iPad (4)
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • Apple Facetime
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Facebook video chat
  • Most human heads, hat sizes between 6-8

People are talking

Ever fantasize about getting one of those “telepresence” robots that scoots around your workplace and represents you — while you loiter in front of your computer at home, broadcasting your face onto the robot’s by staring into your webcam?

Rob Walker

It's a telepresence human slave with an iPad on his face. Want one? According to creator Cheryl Wu... [you already know iPad on a FaceTM is the best invention of the last two millenia, so why quote myself?]

Mariella Moon

Beim "Stupid Hackathon" in New York haben junge Nerds einen Tag lang Dinge erfunden, die wirklich niemand braucht... Top 2: Das iPad zum Aufsetzen

Sandra Sperber

this is awesome

Adrian Chen


Join the Google Hangout for the ITP Demo

Be a live face at our revolutionary product launch at New York University, November 15th 2014.

Be a Face Now!

The revolution is over, losers! You missed out on the greatest launch of technology strapped to your face since Google Glass!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (A.K.A. F.A.Qs, or facks)

When will iPad on a FaceTM be available to the general public?

Due to overwhelming demand, we estimate we will be able to meet production goals sometime in Q4 2015. Don't worry, iPad on a FaceTM will remain as artisanal, handmade, and Certified Organic as ever!

Will iPad on a FaceTM integrate with services such as Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Laboratory tests by our Research and Development scientists indicate that you can source any rando off the street. However, while weA.N.A.L.TM (we Are Not A LaywerTM), paying nameless workers fractions of a cent may be an even better strategy. We have heard reports that some prefer their labor to be anonymous and as slavey as possible.

Please consult your legal counsel. Last we checked, that's only legal in Nevada.

Can your double see behind the iPad?

No one can really see behind the mask, but can they ever?

How did you make iPad on a FaceTM?

State of the art technology and a team of highly caffeinated rockstar-cum-unicorn-cum-ninjas. We are currently applying for US and International Patents, and already own several registerd trademarks. iPad on a FaceTM was developed over 25,000 feverish hours at the Most Patented Hackathon in AmericaTM.**

The Most Patented Hackathon in AmericaTM is a registered trademark of iPad on a FaceTM. iPad on a FaceTM makes no guarantees of service of any kind in regards to The Most Patented Hackathon in AmericaTM, as it is actually not a subsidiary nor associated in any way.